What’s Happening In March

“Dinner With Dave”
at Arizona Zipline Adventures
Friday March 17th 5:00 PM

Ever wanted to know what the Chef’s eating for Dinner?
Well, it’s not normally this, but be prepared for a fun foray in food with Chef David of the Oracle Patio Café as he invites you all to “his house” for dinner.
Bring your friends and a favorite beverage and see what happens when chefs play with their food.
No menus and no whining. Limited availability. Reservations required. Let us know when you make your reservation if you have any food allergies or have special dietary needs.
Those of you that haven’t been to a “Dinner with Dave” you’re in for a treat!
Those of you that have…..well, you know it’s not to be missed and make reservations early! 520.896.7615

$45 all inclusive must be paid at time of reservation. Sorry no refunds.
BYOB – Beer and wine only please!

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for beautiful photos and directions.